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IE Tuning Credits | Upgrade your existing tune - IESO-TC

IE Tuning Credits | Upgrade your existing tune - IESO-TC

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If you are already tuned with IE and own an IE POWERlink Flash Cable, then upgrading your tune to the next stage is easy! Once you install the required hardware, you only pay the difference in tune cost with no extra fees. Simply purchase the tune upgrade difference and you will be enjoying more power in minutes!

IE tune files are purchased on an easy credit system, $1.00 = 1 Credit. When you are ready to upgrade, purchase the correct amount of credits equal to the tune cost difference. Use the table provided to verify the amount of credits needed for your engine. Purchased credits are automatically added to your cable, however, it may take 1-2 business days for it to appear on your cable.

Once a tune purchase is applied to your vehicle's ECU, the tune is permanently registered to the vehicle and non-transferable to other vehicles. Tune can be transferred to a second party in the event of vehicle transfer of ownership only.


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