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IE VW & Audi 2.0T TSI Gen 3 IS38 MQB Performance ECU Tune | Fits MK7 Golf R & 8V S3 IESOVN21 - VAR-IESOVN21

IE VW & Audi 2.0T TSI Gen 3 IS38 MQB Performance ECU Tune | Fits MK7 Golf R & 8V S3 IESOVN21 - VAR-IESOVN21

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 You must purchase an IE POWERlink Direct-port Flash Tool to flash your vehicle

 STAGE 1 & 2

  • Horsepower & torque gains maximized
  • Stock boost control optimized for all conditions
  • 91, 93, & 104 pump octanes available (95, 98, & 108 RON)
  • Optional TrueFlex adapts from 91 pump all the way to full E85
  • Includes optional High Torque & Low Torque files
  • Rev limiter increased to 7000 RPM (with DSG flash)
  • Launch control torque increased for faster launches
  • Brake boosting enabled for rolling launches
  • Road speed limiters removed
  • Exhaust Crackle feature available for Stage 2
  • Engineered for all climates and elevations
  • Direct port OBDII at-home flashing
  • Easy octane switching takes only minutes
  • Upgrade stages to match hardware upgrades
  • Simple on/off feature toggling with POWERlink
  • Read and clear diagnostic/problem codes
  • Easy to use Data-logger

EA888.3 IS38 STAGE 1

IE Stage 1 ECU calibration dramatically increases performance leaving no hidden power on the table, and safely maxes out the factory turbocharger's horsepower & torque capability. Engineered to operate on entirely stock hardware and compatible with basic bolt-ons (intake, turbo inlet, intercooler).

EA888.3 IS38 STAGE 2

IE Stage 2 software is for full bolt-on stock turbo builds running an aftermarket racing downpipe and catalyst. IE calibrators use advanced tuning strategies to extract additional power and account for the increased flow from an upgraded downpipe and performance hardware. The required hardware upgrades for stage 2 will increase airflow, exhaust flow, lower intake air temps, provide faster IAT recovery, and produce an overall more efficient and faster vehicle on the stock turbocharger.


Upgrading from Stage 1 to Stage 2 or beyond is easy! With IE, you only pay the difference in tune cost with no extra fees. When you install the required matching hardware, simply follow the link on your IE POWERlink software to purchase the tune upgrade and you will be blowing away the competition in minutes!


IE High Torque ECU calibrations maximize power gains throughout the entire powerband which quickly exceeds the torque limitations of the factory DSG calibration (auto trans) or the stock clutch (manual trans) that leads to clutch slipping. Stage 1 and Stage 2 files include optional Low Torque files for vehicles with stock DSG tune or stock clutch. Both high and low torque files are included and can be switched between as often as you like.




E85 fuel unlocks the most performance potential from our ECU tunes for your Golf R or S3 Gen 3 engine. Ethanol contains tons of oxygen, burns cooler, and has a high resistance to knock. This provides more horsepower and torque than running conventional gasoline and is more readily available (in most states) and less expensive than race gas. IE TrueFlex tunes take this a step further and allow for 91 octane all the way up to full E85 or anything in between on one tune without the need to reflash! TrueFlex is an included option with stage 2 tunes.


Enabling the Exhaust Crackle feature will add a motorsport-inspired crackle sound to your exhaust note when you free-rev the engine or decelerate. This feature can be flashed on or off at will with your IE POWERlink.


Commonly used in roll racing, Brake Boosting allows you to build extra boost by applying brake pressure while accelerating. Release the brake pressure for a "rolling launch" or extra surge of power.



  • Up to 492HP & 500TQ
  • Complete Garrett GT2260S turbo tuning suite91, 93, & 104 pump gas fuel maps
  • TrueFlex adapts from 91 up to E40 ethanol blend
  • Power increases throughout the powerband
  • Continues to produce power in the higher RPM range
  • Increased power with minimal added boost lag
  • Rev limiter increased to 7000 RPM (with DSG flash)
  • Optimized safely for factory engine internals
  • Launch control torque increased for faster launches
  • Brake boosting enabled for rolling launches
  • Road speed limiters removed
  • Optional exhaust Crackle feature
  • Engineered for all climates and elevations
  • Tune & turbo provides a bolt-in and go power


IE Stage 3 GT2260S offers an easy upgrade to the bolt-on turbo with power levels delivering up to 492HP & 500TQ on pump gas! This advanced ECU calibration when combined with the Garrett turbocharger, HPFP upgrade, and stage 2 hardware (intake, intercooler, & downpipe) delivers deceivingly fast performance and exhilarating fun.


Stage 3 GT2260S TrueFlex utilizes our flex-fuel sensor and harness kit to deliver race gas power on a cost-effective ethanol blend producing a heart-pounding 490HP & 493TQ! E40 is the highest blend available within the fuel system limitations providing the maximum performance numbers without pulling power for higher E%. TrueFlex will automatically adjust between 91 octane up to E40 ethanol blend. Ethanol content must not exceed the maximum E40 blend; an ethanol content sensor kit and gauge is highly recommended.


Installing your Garrett PowerMax GT2260S, IE Stage 3 ECU tune, and required hardware will deliver the maximum amount of power supported by the fuel system while staying well within the safe power limits of the stock engine internals. IE calibration and software engineers employed highly advanced tuning practices and equipment to develop a complete ground-up engine management system for the unique characteristics of the new boost profile and powerband. All performance calibrations and safety coding has been retained and rewritten for the substantial power gains from the larger Garrett turbocharger.


Stage 3 files include optional exhaust overrun/crackles for an aggressive motorsport sound when you free-rev the engine or decelerate.


Brake Boosting provides a competitive edge in a roll racing scenario. While maintaining a constant speed and throttle position, apply brake pressure with the left foot to build boost at speed resulting in a rolling launch when brake pressure is released.


The stock IS38 turbo begins to fall off and lose power in the higher RPM range, whereas the larger GT2260S turbo continues to make higher power to redline. The factory rev limits have been raised to 7000RPM for Stage 3, providing stronger acceleration and pull in the higher powerband over a Stage 1 or 2 car at the same RPM. DSG cars will shift slightly before the engine redline at 6900RPM.




Electrical/Electronic parts are non-returnable.
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