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IE 164x20mm VR6 Rod Set with 5/16" bolts IERHVV1 - VAR-IERHVV1

IE 164x20mm VR6 Rod Set with 5/16" bolts IERHVV1 - VAR-IERHVV1

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IE Forged Connecting Rods VW 164X20 | Fits 12V & 24V 2.8L VR6

Are you building an all motor beast or turbocharging your VW VR6 engine? Upgrade the weak links in your block and keep your engine together reliably with IE's market leading Volkswagen forged connecting rods! 


  • • 20mm wrist pin for use with factory or aftermarket 20mm pistons
  • • Forged from vacuum drawn 2 piece 4340 chrome moly steel
  • • Upgraded H beam design greatly increases strength and durability
  • • Combination tested to 700+HP on 6 cylinder engines
  • • Includes IE Spec ARP 2000 rod bolts with "IE" stamp to ensure genuine product
  • • Individual computer optimized design to match unique VW/Audi engine applications
  • • Honed to exacting tolerances within 250 millionths of an inch
  • • Optional forced pin oiling (rifle drilling) for long wrist pin life
  • • Each connecting rod set is balanced to weights within +/- 1 gram
  • • Dimensionally and magnaflux inspected to ensure extreme reliability
  • • Multi-stage heat treated for dimensional stability and fatigue life


When increasing the power output of your VW VR6 engine, internal parts begin to fail as they are pushed far beyond their original factory spec limits. Integrated Engineering Forged Connecting Rods are designed to replace the factory units and take the beating from today's high-output power modifications. Drive fast and reliably with IE performance rods, guaranteed to support over 700HP on VR6 engines


Center to Center: 164mm

Wrist Pin Diameter: 20mm

BIG End Journal Width: 19.90mm

Wrist Pin Style: Non-tapered

Big End Journal Diameter: 56.75mm

Average Rod Weight (with Bolts): 558 grams

Rod Bolt Dimensions: 5/16" x 1.5" UHL




The H-beam design is the workhorse of our connecting rod product line. This design features strength, durability, stiffness, and rigidity. IE H-beam Connecting Rods are a great upgrade over weaker factory units.


All IE rods are designed specifically for the application using relevant cylinder pressure and other application-specific factors. We put our vast European engine knowledge to use when designing each application.


Also referred to as Forced Pin Oiling (FPO), rifle drilling increases wrist pin longevity by providing additional lubrication. This upgrade is highly recommended for street-driven cars that see mileage put on them. Rifle drilling is sold separately on this application.


Honing the connecting rod big end in-house on state of the art equipment ensures the tolerances are set correctly to ensure proper bearing operation. Lesser quality rods are often not honed with the same attention to detail.


Made from strong and durable 2 piece 4340 forgings these rods will withstand almost everything you can throw at them.


All IE rods come standard with ARP 2000 rod bolts. The rod bolts included in every set of IE rods are stamped with the letters "IE" as a way to ensure you have a genuine set of IE rods.


*The following torque spec is for the included ARP 2000 3/8" rod bolts using the included ARP assembly lubricant only. Do not follow this guide using ARP +625, other assembly lubricants, or alternative bolts.


The preferred method of measuring bolt load is with a stretch bolt gauge. The included ARP 2000 bolts need to be tightened and measured to .006” of stretch using the included ARP assembly lubricant. 


When using a high-quality torque wrench, first verify the torque wrench has not been dropped and is properly calibrated. A un-calibrated torque wrench can lead to under/over torque and rod bolt failure. Torque each rod bolt to a final torque of 50 ft/lbs. We recommend torquing the bolt, breaking it loose, and re-torquing the bolt 3 times per bolt. This ensures proper rod bolt stretch and that the rod cap is fully seated. Do not exceed 50 ft/lbs. This torque spec is based off the included ARP assembly lubricant.


Connecting rods are some of the highest stressed components in an engine and thus require extreme attention to detail to ensure proper operation and reliability.  Integrated Engineering ensures the success of your next engine build by putting each set of connecting rods through a rigorous quality control process. For years Integrated Engineering H-beam Rods have been an integral part of delivering the power that the highest powered turbo setups and race engine demand.

Extra attention has been paid to even the smallest details such as the bearing tangs, wrist pin fit, and big end side clearance, providing a level of fit and finish not found anywhere else. Each and every set is finish machined and honed in-house for perfectly round and on size big-end bores, resulting in the industry's lowest failure rates. All rods in this series feature generous wrist pin oiling and optional rifle drilling.  One of the hallmarks of a high quality connecting rod is its strength to weight ratio. In order to create this balance of strength and lightweight, our optimized H beam design is utilized and validated using modern CAD drafting and FEA analysis techniques. These techniques ensure the rod is as light and strong as possible, perfect for today's powerful and high rpm European applications.

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