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IE A4 A5 Q5 B8/B8.5 2.0T 3 Catted Downpipe - IEEXCG1

IE A4 A5 Q5 B8/B8.5 2.0T 3 Catted Downpipe - IEEXCG1

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Add horsepower and take your B8 A4, A5, or Q5 to the next level with an IE High-flow Downpipe and stage 2 ECU tune. The IE 3 inch stainless steel downpipe is comprised of only the best materials and quickly bolts on. It also uses a high-flow performance catalytic converter that reduces unpleasant smells and cabin drone.

Product Features:

  • Substantial power and torque gains with matching IE ECU tune

  • Bolt-on system - mates to your stock turbo flange

  • 1/16” thick 304 stainless steel piping - long-lasting and worry-free performance

  • Thick turbo flange - 16mm flange prevents warping and leaks

  • High flow 200 CPI Metal Matrix Catalyst - reduces emissions and unwanted smells

  • Interlock core tough flex section - allows engine movement without failing or cracking

  • 3” to 60mm adapter - easily adapts to your stock exhaust system

  • All installation hardware included - no last-minute trips to the hardware store

IE AUDI B8 & B8.5 2.0T Performance Downpipe

Equipping your B8 A4 or A5 2.0T engine with an IE catted downpipe delivers additional horsepower, torque, and responsiveness when paired with a matching Stage 2 ECU tune. These significant power gains are added through the entire RPM band by allowing the turbocharger to flow freely through the 3" downpipe, high-flow catalytic converter, and mid-pipe. Careful tuning of the added sound from freeing up exhaust flow rewards you with an aggressive exhaust growl every time you accelerate while minimizing cabin drone. All IE exhaust systems are designed in-house using state of the art digital scanning for a perfect fit and manufactured from 1/16” thick wall 304 stainless steel offering a lifetime of performance and fun.




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