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IE Audi 2.0T TSI Performance ECU Tune | Fits Audi B9 A4 & A5 IESOVN31/32 - VAR-IESOVT31

IE Audi 2.0T TSI Performance ECU Tune | Fits Audi B9 A4 & A5 IESOVN31/32 - VAR-IESOVT31

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The new IE software calibration for Audi 2.0T TSI B9 platform offers the full performance potential from the factory turbocharged engine. Add 52HP and 134TQ over stock with Stage 1 and no other modifications or go all out with Stage 2 hardware (downpipe, intake, & intercooler) for incredible power and torque gains up to 391BHP and 398BTQ reliably! Stage 1 is available with 91 or 93 octanes and 104 octane files available on Stage 2.


You must purchase an IE POWERlink Direct-port Flash Tool to flash your vehicle



    • Maximize horsepower & torque gains


    • Easily and quickly tune your car at home


    • Retain factory reliability


    • Installsvia IEPOWERlink Tool


    • Upgrade tunes at any time with no fees


    • Easy octane switching


    • Simple data logging


    • Return to stock anytime


    • Improved throttle response


    • Increased rev limiter


    • Remove top speed limiter




Choose Your Stage


IE ECU Stages for your Audi 2.0T TSI engine are available for stock or with modified hardware for Stage 2 or Turbo upgrades. Read below to determine the best stage for your build!

Add Your PowerLink

In order to flash your vehicle, you will need an IE POWERlink Direct-port Flash Tool(sold separately) and a Windows 7+ powered laptop. Already own an IE POWERlink cable? Contact us to purchase upgrade credits, there is no fee to upgrade tunes and you only pay the difference in tune cost.

Flash Your Car

Follow the link provided with your IE POWERlink Flash Tool to download our Flash Wizard software and follow the on-screen directions to tune your Audi in a matter of minutes!


Your ECU (Engine Control Module) is a computer loaded with maps to control the operating conditions of your Audi 2.0T engine. The factory calibration is designed to function with stock installed hardware, meet new car regulated standards, and de-powered to not compete with higher performance models. IE's motorsport recalibration brings your engine to life by unleashing its full performance potential on stock hardware or to match your installed hardware upgrades while maintaining reliability and factory-like comfort. This is how your turbocharged Audi should have felt from the factory!




Stage 1 Tune

TheIEStage 1 Audi B9 2.0T TSI tune delivers an aggressive power upgrade without having to install any hardware modifications. Perfect for customers looking for a big jump in power without adding any additional hardware or to get the most out of your installed intake and intercooler. In a matter of minutes, your new ECU Tune will deliver a massive boost in performance, delivering an additional 52HP and 134TQ over stock!

  • Stage 1 recommended hardware
  • -IE Cold Air Intake
  • -IE Intercooler


Stage 2 Tune


Looking to maximize the performance of your stockengine without upgrading the turbo? IE Stage 2 Upgrade fine-tunes the ECU to match installed aftermarket hardware allowing the turbocharger to breath free and improve power gains across the powerband. Reliable torque gains up to 391BHP and 398BTQ!

  • Stage 2 required & recommended hardware
  • -IE Performance Downpipe(required)
  • -IE Cold Air Intake(recommended)
  • -IE Intercooler(highly recommended)



Required to flash your tune, The IE POWERlinkcable gives you control to unlock your engine's true potential from your own garage or driveway. Quickly reflash your Audi 2.0T with your choice of ECU Stage through the cars OBD-II port. Upgrade tune stages to match installed hardware, take advantage of different fuel octanes, flash to stock, perform engine diagnostics, read/clear codes and gather high-quality operating data via data-logging.

Electrical/Electronic parts are non-returnable.
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