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IE cold Air Intake For Audi 3.0T SQ5/Q5 8R - IEINSG1

IE cold Air Intake For Audi 3.0T SQ5/Q5 8R - IEINSG1

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This is not another mass produced "filter on a stick". IE's cold air intake has been specifically engineered and developed using professional racing design aspects and specialized computational flow dynamic software. The result is a true Motorsport intake system that sounds and performs for the track with a sophisticated and classy design.


Upgrading your ECU tune, pulleys, and other power adders requires airflow beyond that of the factory intake box. IE's intake feeds an impressive flow of air from the front of the vehicle directly to your supercharger. More cold air flow means more power, especially during the hot summer months. Ditch your stock restrictive airbox for the IE intake System. -Oh, and it sounds AWESOME too!


Delivering cold air effectively for power takes more than just an open filter. Employing velocity stack technology like that found in professional Motorpsorts and adapting it for the 3.0T engine, efficiently channels air as quickly as possible. The velocity also functions as a solid mount for the air filter which means no intake pipes rattling or rubbing on heat shields.


This Intake fits Audi 8R SQ5 & Q5 3.0T V6 Supercharged engines without any modification or installation hassles. The install process is simple and can be done quickly with basic tools. The fact that IE intake utilizes the factory airbox mounts ensures a perfect and hassle-free fit. Additionally, the stock mounts allow for engine movement which keeps intake components from getting damaged.


IE uses a multi-piece heat shield which performs and looks great. It effectively channels cold air from the front of the car to the massive performance filter. Furthermore, it eliminates the induction of hot air found in other locations of the engine bay further protecting against power robbing heat off the exhaust and supercharger.

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