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IE Midpipe Exhaust Upgrade For Audi C7/C7.5 S6 & S7 - IEEXCN2

IE Midpipe Exhaust Upgrade For Audi C7/C7.5 S6 & S7 - IEEXCN2

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Upgrading to IE Midpipes on your Audi C7/C7.5 S6 or S7 is an easy and fast way to add an aggressive V8 sound. Superior engineering and quality craftsmanship ensure a long-lasting upgrade for your 4.0T powerplant with a fun and addicting exhaust note.


IE midpipes for C7/C7.5 S6 & S7 deliver an addictive sound, quality finish, reliable operation, straightforward install, and affordable fun.

  • Engineered for enhanced V8 sound
  • High-flow design deletes resonators
  • TIG-welded 304 stainless steel
  • Reliable leak-free flex sections
  • Easy to install with minimal tools
  • Full kit includes all hardware and clamps
  • Bolt-in install, no cutting or welding required
  • 63mm OD / 60.5mm ID



Located between the downpipes and center resonator, the pair of midpipes make up roughly 12 feet of factory tubing and two large resonators. Upgrading this section removes the resonators and ultimately frees up the middle of the exhaust system improving flow and exhaust notes.


Advanced 3D scanning technology and rapid prototyping ensure perfectly crafted exhaust parts that exceed even the factory fit. These engineering practices provide a precision alignment with factory parts without any interference.


The entire length of the midpipes are manufactured from high-quality 304 stainless steel tubing. This material is the high-end choice for exhaust systems for its lighter weight and superior resistance to corrosion delivering long-life enjoyment of your exhaust system upgrade.


Commonly used flex sections found on many cheaper aftermarket exhaust systems are known to fail, causing annoying leaks and performance issues. Our TIG-welded and liner reinforced flex sections are incredibly resilient to splitting or cracking for complete reliability.


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