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IE Press Fit Timing Drive Gear For 06A (4 Bolt). Note this is a plug-and- play solution but we recommend the 6 bolt gear and damper. - IEBEVA17

IE Press Fit Timing Drive Gear For 06A (4 Bolt). Note this is a plug-and- play solution but we recommend the 6 bolt gear and damper. - IEBEVA17

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Eliminate the concern of shearing your 1.8T timing drive gear keyway once and for all with this bullet-proof billet replacement. 


Factory timing gears are notorious for coming loose in high RPM conditions, leading to the keyways completely breaking, causing timing belt failure. We have also seen failures from the powdered metal gears completely disintegrating from small cracks that develop as the bolt is torqued. As a result of these failures, valves bend and pistons become damaged. To find the ultimate solution for the faulty OE timing gear, IE engineers put in serious work and testing to bring a bullet proof solution to the market. With this product, we have completely redesigned the factory interface, removing the weak factory gear and loose-fitting keyway, replacing it with a solid steel gear with a press-fit interface.


Our gears start out as a solid block of steel and get precisely machined into the finished piece, with special attention taken to the area where the gear meets the crankshaft. Our billet replacement offers a press-fit, so the gear is no longer loose on the end of the crankshaft, eliminating any chance of the gear coming loose and shearing the keyway. We finish them with bright zinc plated finish to prevent against corrosion.


  • Billet steel construction
  • Press-fit interference eliminates the chance of failure
  • Direct fit for 06A 1.8T factory or Fluidampr damper
  • Zinc plating to combat corrosion
  • Includes new damper bolts


This press fit timing gear is for use with 1.8T 06A 4 bolt crank damper pulleys. This gear should be used on 1.8T engines when using either the OEM crank damper pulley or aftermarket 4 bolt crank damper pulleys for 1.8T engines. For high power output engines, you may want to upgrade the 4 bolt interface to a 6 bolt interface. The 6 bolt interface is found on all 2005+ 2.0T FSI engines and is a much stronger setup than the older 1.8T 4 bolt interface. In order to upgrade your 1.8T engine to a 6 bolt interface, you need the IE FSI billet press fit timing gear (IE part number IEBEVC8) and Fluidampr FSI crank damper pulley (IE part number FD-551211) as a direct swap solution.


In order to reach proper fitment, the gear must be installed along with an IE/ARP crank damper bolt (IE Part Number: ARP-06A-01).

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