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IE TrueFlex Sensor Harness For MQB Engines VW MK7 & Audi 8V - IEELCI2

IE TrueFlex Sensor Harness For MQB Engines VW MK7 & Audi 8V - IEELCI2

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  • Required for IE TrueFlex MQB tunes
  • Allows for instant adjustments from 91 pump to full E85
  • Harness for VW MK7 & Audi 8V EA888.3 2.0T engines
  • Sends sensor data in real-time to IE ECU calibrations
  • Includes everything needed to install


This plug and play harness kit is required for IE TrueFlex ECU Tunes for VW and Audi MQB Gen 3 engines. This includes everything necessary for the flex-fuel sensor to send real-time data from your fuel system to the ECU and adjust for any content mix from 91 pump to full E85 automatically. 

Kit includes:

  • (1x) IE TrueFlex Wiring Harness
  • (1x) 2 amp Fuse
  • (1x) Ethanol Sensor
  • (2x) Ethanol Sensor Quick Connect Couplers
  • (2x) Hose Clamps


This harness kit is fully assembled to proper lengths and includes everything needed to install in a clean and factory-like install. Disconnecting and cutting of factory soft fuel lines is required and should be completed with great care or by a professional. Click here to download the install guide


Our TrueFlex sensor harness kit is compatible with all 2015-2021 VW MK7 and Audi 8V 2.0T EA888 Gen 3 engines. The harness kit on its own will not function without a matching IE TrueFlex ethanol tune. Tuning is currently available for select vehicle years and is being expanded now. If you are waiting for tune support to be released for your model year, the kit can be installed ahead of time without an IE TrueFlex tune safely, the stock ECU calibration will ignore the harness input until the tune is flashed (do not run ethanol without the TrueFlex tune on the ECU). 

*Supports Audi A3 with all-wheel drive (Quattro) and 2.0T only. 

*TrueFlex tuning is currently expanded for North America (NA) ECUs. Rest-of-world (ROW) ECUs (Europe, Asia, Australia, etc.) may not be fully supported. Please contact IE Support before purchasing to verify your ROW compatibility before ordering. Early European Simos12 ECUs (5G0906259) can not be supported. 


Electrical/Electronic parts are non-returnable.
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