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IE Ultimate Crankshaft Girdle Kit for 06A 1.8T 20V - IEBEVA13

IE Ultimate Crankshaft Girdle Kit for 06A 1.8T 20V - IEBEVA13

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Making over 600HP? Protect your 1.8T 06A block from flexing, cracking, or failure under extreme RPM or high horsepower applications. The IE ultimate girdle kit will help protect your race engine from severe main bearing wear or even a broken crank.


This girdle kit uses a 1/4” steel plate to bolt on the underside of your block to reinforce it and prevent from flexing under high power use. The girdle plate bolts to all of the main journals, using the supplied extended-length ARP main stud kit. It is then sandwiched between the block and the oil pan to keep the block from flexing. This kit includes all lengthened hardware needed to install the girdle plate using IE “Tall Boy” billet main caps.


  • 1/4" steel girdle plate for ultimate stability
  • Girdle installs with billet main caps and ARP hardware
  • Reinforces engine block and main caps
  • Protects mains, bearings, crank, and block from flexing
  • For use with extreme HP and high RPM
  • Manufactured and engineered in USA


  • IE Zinc plated girdle plate
  • IE "Tall Boy" billet main caps
  • IE Spec ARP main stud kit
  • Extended hardware for oil pan
  • Extended transmission bolts
  • Extended Oil Pump Chain


Girdle plates require machine work and precise measurements for correct installation, this should be performed by a certified engine technician. The IE Tall Boy main caps will need to be line honed by an engine machine shop with the supplied IE Spec ARP studs installed and the nuts torqued to ensure journal circularity. Tall Boy main caps will also need to be measured, and machined flat between the girdle plate and engine block surface. The tolerance for the gap between the girdle plate and block is 0.001”

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